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Professionalism & Credibility

Behind OWA-BIOkemi stands Ole Andersen, who has worked in the veterinary industry for over 20 years and therefore knows his customers' concerns and realities.

OWA-BIOkemi is at the forefront of developments in disinfection and cleaning, which is why we provide competent advice and service.

We base our business on solid professional knowledge and common sense and prioritize a close dialogue with our customers. We will ensure optimal and practical solutions - at the right price.

On the following pages you will find a selection of our products.

Our product range covers every need. We are happy to provide references.

If you expect a little more from your supplier - then it is OWA-BIOkemi

Advice & Service

OWA-BIOkemi emphasizes a simple and clear way of collaborating, and therefore we provide clear information about goals and means. We are always ready to help. By using OWA chemistry's products and advice, optimal hygiene is achieved, and the result will be clearly visible on the bottom line.

Tips for disinfection

It has been documented that you can lose approx. 20% of its production due to diseases caused by unwanted microorganisms. Disinfection therefore makes all the difference in a farm, because you significantly reduce the risk of attack when you disinfect as often as possible.

Alpha omega for optimal disinfection is cleaning. By cleaning first, you save money in the long run because you don't have to use such large amounts of disinfectant. The effect of disinfection depends on factors such as the surface, concentration of the agents, time and temperature. Read the instructions for use carefully for maximum effect.

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