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Hvid baggrund

Hemex Dry®

Hemex-Dry®: Provides a good stable environment when used as bedding.

Hemex-Dry®: May be used for both conventional and organic farming.

Hemex-Dry®: Used today worldwide in animal production as a highly effective bedding product.

Hemex-Dry®: Can be used in all barn types and production forms and must be used throughout the entire production process.

Hemex-Dry®: Improves the barn climate by binding ammonia and moisture.


Mink: Here, approx. 65 gr. per nest box.

Chickens-Pigs-Horses etc.: Here, approx. 75 gr. per m2 floor area.

ENAMEL: 25 kg

OWA-BIOkemi is a supplier of cleaning agents and disinfectants for animal production.

Do you have problems with blood mites etc. - then contact us.

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